About Us

“Azerbaijan Insurance Broking” Insurance and Reinsurance Broker Company was founded in 1998 in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and obtained the special license as an insurance and reinsurance broker company from the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
“AIB” IRBC has been operating in the insurance market for almost 15 years and offering insurance services for all lines of insurances to multinational & local corporate/individual clients by cooperating closely with Azeri Insurance Market and world’s leading insurance and reinsurance companies.

Goal of AIB;
⊗ Being a reliable player player in Azerbaijan market;
⊗ Giving a strong support to the network partners worldwide in this region;
⊗ Supporting the insurance companies for their reinsurance needs;
⊗ Presenting new products to the local market;
⊗ Carrying the mission for the brokerage services well known in Azerbaijan market.

AIB ensure that the client’s voices are heard, their needs satisfied and their expectations exceeded. Mission of BH&AIB is to be “the bridge” between the risks and solutions of corporates&insurers worlwide.

Contact details:

Phone: (+994 12) 488 64 37, mobile:(+994 50)307 00 35

Email: aib@aib.az, Facebook/Azerbaijan Insurance Broking-AIB